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Hall of Fame Online
Window's Kiosk Mode Installer

The Hall of Fame Online application is designed for use on large (typically 32"- 43"), wide-format (16:9) displays powered by PCs running Windows 10 or 11. Please see the Interactive > Hardware Requirements section of the User Guide for details on the minimum system requirements.

This optional version runs in Window's Kiosk Mode. Becasue it runs in an isolated "sandbox" it has limited access to system resources and consequently the Power Management feature is not fully supported. This option can be used when a higher level of security is required and alternate power management methods are available.

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Application Information
Required Operating System
Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, Education (build 17763) or Higher

x86 | x64

Westchester Media Works, LLC

Please see the Interactive > Software Installation section of the User Guide for installation and configuration instructions.