Supported Video

Two video delivery options are currently supported, including Self-hosted MP4 video and Vimeo video. 


For in-depth information on Vimeo, please refer to the documentation provided by the service provider. 


Self-hosted video requires a server to host the video files, caption files, and poster files. For proper functionality, CORS must be enabled and configured on the web server hosting the files. If used, caption and poster files must be uploaded to the same folder as their respective videos and must use the exact same file name, but with the appropriate .vtt and .jpg file extensions, respectively. For example:

my_video_file.mp4   (MP4 video file)

my_video_file.vtt   (WEBVTT caption file)

my_video_file.jpg   (JPEG poster file)



Video Encoding

For the optimum display quality and performance it is recommended that videos be encoded at 720P resolution using the following settings:



Wrapper Format: MP4 (.mp4)

Video Format: H.264

Video Resolution: 1,280 x 720 (w x h)

Frame Rate: 29.97

Field Order: Progressive

Aspect: Square Pixels (1.0)

Encoding Profile: High

Encoding Level: 4.2

Bitrate Encoding: VBR, 1 pass

Target Bitrate [Mbps]: 8



Audio Format: AAC

Audio Codec: AAC

Sample Rate: 48000 Hz

Channels: Stereo

Bitrate [kbps]: 320


NOTE:  Depending on the application used for encoding, some settings may not be available or may be referred to by other names.



Closed Captions


Self-Hosted Video:

Closed captions for each video must be saved in a text-based file with the .vtt filename extension. Closed caption files for self-hosted video must use the exact same filename as the video, but with the .vtt extension, and must be uploaded to the same folder as the video file. 


Vimeo Video:

1.Log in to your Vimeo account

2.Navigate to My Videos 

3.Select the video you want to add closed captions to and click Settings

4.Click Advanced 

5.Under Add Captions & Subtitles, select Choose File and upload your caption file

6.Make sure Status is set to ON and select the language and file type of the closed captions

7.Save the changes


Example .vtt File Contents:





00:00:02.200 --> 00:00:04.500

Denny Carlson was a powerhouse hitter,



00:00:04.750  --> 00:00:07.050

and a legendary defensive catcher;



00:00:07.300  --> 00:00:08.930

but he may best be remembered



00:00:09.000  --> 00:00:12.750

for his imposing seventy-two stolen bases,



00:00:12.800 --> 00:00:16.900

a long-standing university record.