The Hall of Fame Online


The Hall of Fame OnlineTM  is a kiosk driven interactive experience designed to showcase, honor, and promote exceptional achievements within your organization. Developed for use on large, wide-format touchscreens1, the Interactive provides a memorable experience for end-users, while the easy-to-use and remotely accessible Content Editor provides a stress-free experience for your staff.

Inspired by our original software design for the Pro Football Hall of Fame2, the Hall of Fame Online service follows a proven track record of reliability, ease of use, and excellence in design.

Features at a Glance

Easy to use

Easy to Use

Built-in templates and intuitive creation tools make it easy to build unique interactive experiences. If you prefer that we handle things, the process is fast and affordable, too.


Create one-of-a-kind interactive experiences tailored to meet your specific needs. The service is as flexible as your organization is unique.



For the cost of the hardware and an affordable subscription, you can provide your organization with a high-end solution that could otherwise cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Space Saving Design

Space Saving Solution

Add content as needed without the worry or need for additional space — each station can provide a wealth of information within a small footprint.

Advanced Features

Advanced Features

Expand beyond the basics with user-defined shortcodes and an advanced function attribute to create custom equations that can be used to display dynamic data.

Easy to Install

Modest Hardware Requirements

Each station requires a wide-format touchscreen or display and a Windows PC with modest specifications. You can use your own equipment or purchase hardware through us.

Easy to Access

Remote Access

Access the Content Editor and make changes in real-time — from anywhere, at any time, using any contemporary web-enabled device3.

All-In-One Design

Virtual Preview

Use the editor’s Virtual Interactive Display to view changes as they will appear on each station — before or after making them live.

Role Based Access

Role Based Access

Grant Content Editors access to only the features they need to be productive, enhancing security and further simplifying the user interface.


No more worries over limited space! With both wall and pedestal mounted hardware solutions available, each Hall of Fame Online station utilizes a small footprint and accommodates adding content without the need for additional space.


The Hall of Fame Online is not limited to use in halls of fame. Having the ability to create your own one-of-a-kind experiences means having the flexibility to meet a specific set of needs. Create interactive experiences to honor Academic Excellence, Employee Appreciation, Donor Recognition, or any other purpose that fulfills your specific needs. The service is as flexible as your organization is unique.

Non-Interactive Uses

The Hall of Fame Online service can also be used to display non-interactive content, supporting continuous playback of image and video slide shows without the need for user interaction. Slide shows can be presented in vertical or horizontal orientations and can be configured to display an optional clock and event countdown timer.

Remote Access With Virtual Preview

Update and view content remotely using any contemporary web-enabled device3. Edit content, schedule events, change configurations or add entirely new interactive experiences in real-time. Use the editor’s Virtual Interactive Display to view and interact with each station configuration — before or after making the changes live.

Try the demo!

The demo opens the Virtual Interactive Display and provides access to the Editor  . To better approximate the kiosk application, the demo is best viewed on a desktop PC with a large, wide-screen display.



The application can be used to configure individual stations for use with touchscreens for full interactivity, or with standard displays for continuous playback of non-interactive content such as slide shows or videos.


Enshrinement Gallery photo used with permission from the Pro Football Hall of  Fame. The Pro Football Hall of Fame is a client of Westchester Media Works, LLC and uses proprietary interactive software that is independent of the Hall of Fame Online service. The Pro Football Hall of Fame does not endorse, nor are they affiliated with Westchester Media Works, LLC or the Hall of  Fame Online service.


Access to the Content Editor requires a compatible web browser, including current versions of Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari. Not all features are supported on all browsers or devices.

DISCLAIMER: The characters and institutions portrayed in the computer-generated renderings, stock photos, stock footage, voice-overs, and digitally enhanced photos are fictitious and are for illustrative purposes only. No  identification with actual persons, places, and  buildings is intended or should be inferred.