Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to purchase a membership to try the service?

You can try the demo without purchasing a membership. Several features are disabled, like the ability to save changes, but the demo will provide a good overview of the service. You can also view our video tutorials and the Hall of Fame Online User Guide to get familiar with the service before signing up. A no obligation free trial is available if you wish to enable the full range of features and capabilities.

Do I need to purchase a membership to create an account?

Yes, however, you can cancel your membership within the trial period and pay nothing. This requirement helps to keep our systems running efficiently and our membership community safe.

Can I use my own hardware?

Absolutely! To ensure compatibility, just make sure your hardware meets the minimum requirements and that your PC is configured as per our guidelines, which are available under the Interactive section of the Hall of Fame Online User Guide. Minimum hardware requirements can also be found under the Use your own hardware option under the Hardware section on the Membership page.

Can I use the service offline?

The Hall of Fame Online service requires an internet connection for typical use. However, a dedicated server can be purchased and installed on your local network. Your dedicated server can then be configured for access via your internal network only, or by the public. This option gives you access to the source code as well, which can be modified by us or by your own development team as needed. Please contact us for more information if you are interested in purchasing a dedicated server.

Is a touchscreen required?

Not always. The editor can be used to create modules that don’t require end-user interaction. Examples might include a welcome video that runs on a loop, or a slideshow of upcoming events. When interactivity is required, however, we do recommend the use of a touchscreen over other input methods.

What is your return policy on hardware?

Please see our Return Policy for details on returns. Among other restrictions, only items that have been issued a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) will be accepted. An RMA can be obtained by filling out an RMA Form under your account. Please take care to keep all products, accessories, and packaging well organized and in new condition, as this is a minimum requirement for all returns. All returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Can I pay for a subscription by check?

Our standard model is automatic pre-paid monthly payments by credit card, but an annual subscription is also available which can be pre-paid by credit card or by check. Check payments cannot be initiated online. Please contact us for more details if you wish to pay for an annual subscription by check.

Once I am a Lifetime Member, will my data be immediately deleted if I cancel my subscription?

No! The system was designed to accommodate periodic deactivation of your subscription. Once you are a Lifetime Member your account and all your content that is stored on our systems will continue to be backed up for a minimum of 12 months following a deactivation. If you reactivate a subscription within that time frame, you can continue right from where you left off.

Will the Hall of Fame Online sell my personal data?

Absolutely not! We provide a paid service and are not in business to make money selling your personal information. The information we do collect is for the purposes of billing, shipping and to provide the service. Please see our privacy notice for details on how your information may be collected and used.

Can I Create My Own Icons for Menus?

Yes! Simply login and download the Icon Template from the Resources page under your account. Once you’ve saved your new icon in the proper format, upload it using the Advanced panel on the Attributes tab. If you have no use for the built-in icons, you can turn them off under Settings.

Can I Create My Own Template?

Templates are tightly integrated with the system and cannot be created independently, but every new template we create is automatically included with your active subscription. If you have an idea you’d like us to consider, you can login to your account and submit a Feature Request.

Can I have a custom template created for a different purpose?

Absolutely! There’s almost no limit to what’s possible. If you have a unique or time sensitive request, please contact us to receive a free, no obligation cost quote.

Is the Pro Football Hall of Fame affiliated with the Hall of Fame Online?

No. While the proprietary software we developed for use in the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Enshrinement Gallery was the inspiration for this service, they are in no way affiliated with, nor have they endorsed, the Hall of Fame Online service.

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