Virtual Interactive Display



The Editor's Virtual Interactive Display provides an interface for previewing changes made to the interactive before and after making them live. While the virtual display is best viewed in fullscreen mode on a desktop computer with a wide-screen monitor, it can be viewed on a mobile device as well.


When using a mobile device it may be necessary to pan or zoom the virtual display. By default, the interactive application has focus. In order to pan and zoom the virtual display it must be given focus. To change focus to the virtual display click or tap the background with a single finger or touch the virtual display with two fingers. A red border will be displayed around the virtual display when it has focus and can be panned or zoomed. To switch the focus back to the interactive application click or tap the background or the virtual display with a single finger.


NOTE: Video may not begin playback automatically on mobile devices.



Virtual Display

The virtual display represents a large, wide-format, wall mounted touchscreen monitor. Interact with the virtual display as you would with its real-life counterpart.


The location of the toolbar, as well as which toolbar buttons are displayed, will vary depending on the size of the browser window. When the browser windows is tall the toolbar will be display vertically, and when it is wide the toolbar will be displayed horizontally. When the browser window is very small only the most essential buttons will be displayed.



Select the station configuration to view and interact with.


Refresh the view. This will refresh the Editor view as well.


Switch to the Editor view. Click the  button in the Editor to switch back to the Virtual Interactive Display.


View the interactive in fullscreen mode to better simulate how it will look to the end-user. Press the ESC key to exit fullscreen mode. Note that the Virtual Interactive Display is for previewing the interactive only and should never be used on the actual interactive device. Fullscreen mode is not compatible with all browsers, mobile devices, or screen resolutions.


Zoom out and recenter the virtual display. This button can be useful on mobile devices if the display gets zoomed or panned out of view.

View Mode

Switch between Live and Preview modes. This setting does not apply to the attract screen which is always viewed in live mode. Live Mode (icon changes to gold) displays how things will look to end-users on the actual interactive device (kiosk). Preview Mode (white) is used to see how things will look before making them live. The publish location for each module, main menu button, and page is set on the Modules tab.