Settings are organized under three sections, including Editor which is used to configure settings specific to the Editor, Interactive which is used to configure settings for each interactive station, and Devices which is used to manage settings for each attached interactive device (kiosk).


Editor: Hide Default Attribute Icons

Check to hide the built-in menu attribute icons on the Advanced Option Panel  on the Attributes tab. Checking this box will hide the built-in icons and make it easier to view and select custom uploaded icons.

Hide Full Screen Warning Message

Check to hide the full screen warning message that appears when entering full screen mode from the Virtual Interactive Display.

Editor: Enable Autoscroll

Check to enable autoscroll. When autoscroll is enabled the Editor will scroll to the top of a panel when it is opened. Some browser versions may not be fully compatible with the autoscroll feature, in which case it can be unchecked.

Interactive: Station Configuration Panels

Stations can be thought of as 'virtual devices', each with its own unique settings and module assignments that can then be assigned to physical devices (kiosks). Each station's settings are configured on their respective Station Configuration Panel. Modules are assigned to each station on the Modules tab.


Each station can only be assigned to one device but because stations are defined independently they can be easily unassigned from one device and reassigned to another. A station is assigned to a device during the device login process, when the device connects to the Hall of Fame Online service using the Hall of Fame Online Application. Once a device has successfully logged in its station assignment can also be changed under Device settings. 


Click the Station Panel header to expand the panel and gain access to configuration options specific to each station.




Station Name

Enter a station name. The default value is Station. A unique station id is automatically assigned and will be displayed in parenthesis after the station name.

Save Station Name

Click the Save Name button to save changes made to the station name.

Attract Screen Template

By default, each station uses the same attract screen template assigned on the Modules tab but a different template can be assigned here. The template's configuration will take on the same configuration as defined on the Modules tab but can be overridden via each member's Attract Screen Override settings.

Main Menu Override

Select a module to be used as the main menu by modules that do not have their own main menu. This setting is useful, for example, to play an introductory video or to display a welcome page before loading the main menu.

Hide Cursor Checkbox

Check the checkbox to hide the cursor in the interactive. This option should only be unchecked if the interactive is being displayed on a device that is not touch enabled.

Disable Empty Buttons

Check the box to disable buttons in the interactive when there are no resulting members to display. When buttons are disabled they will be grayed out. If unchecked, clicking a menu item with no resulting members will display the No Members Message.


NOTE: When checked, menu pages will take longer to load on the first page load. Once the speed cache is built subsequent page loads will be faster.

Kiosk Mode

When enabled, Window's Explorer is shutdown to help prevent unauthorized public access to system resources should the application exit to the desktop. A keyboard is required to restart Window's Explorer unless kiosk mode is disabled before exiting the application. It may take several seconds for changes to kiosk mode to take effect.

Main Menu Timeout

Set the number of seconds of inactivity on the main menu before loading the attract screen. A setting of 0 will disable the timer and prevent the attract screen from loading.


NOTE: This timer is automatically disabled when there are no members to be displayed on the attract screen.

Secondary Menu Timeout

Set the number of seconds of inactivity on secondary menu pages before loading the attract screen. A setting of 0 will disable the timer.

Content Page Timeout

Set the number of seconds of inactivity on content pages before loading the attract screen. A setting of 0 will disable the timer.


NOTE: The timer is automatically disabled during video playback, and will timeout approximately ten seconds after a video is completed or paused unless auto advance is enabled. When auto advance is enabled the next page is loaded when the video ends, bypassing the timer. 

No Menu Message

Enter a message to be displayed when there are no buttons configured for display on a main menu. The default value is "There is no information to display. Please check back soon."

No Members Message

Enter a message to be displayed when there are no members to display on a search results page. The default value is "There are no results to display."


NOTE: Check the Disable Empty Buttons checkbox to prevent loading pages with empty results. When disabled, buttons will be grayed out.

Broadcast Message Override

This message overrides the global message configured on the Message Broadcasting panel. Leave the field blank to use the global message or enter a message to broadcast to the selected station when broadcast messaging is active.

Broadcast Speed Override

This setting overrides the global speed setting configured on the Message Broadcasting panel. Leave this set to "Use Default" to use the global setting or select a speed to be used on the selected station when broadcast messaging is active.

Sleep/Wake Timer

The Sleep/Wake Timer is supported by the desktop version of the Hall of Fame Online Application and can be used to configure each interactive device's display to go to sleep and to wake at a specific time each day. Once woken, a display will only go back to sleep after the Sleep time has been reached. This sleep/wake timer overrides the Screen setting under Window's Power & Sleep settings.


In the event an alternate power management solution is implemented this feature should be disabled.



Enable Power Management

Check the checkbox to enable power management. 


Select a station to configure, or configure all stations with the same settings.


Select a day, or days, to configure. Options include individual days from Monday through Sunday, Weekdays, or Weekends.


Select the desired wake time.


Select the desired sleep time.

Clear Time

Clear the Wake and Sleep times for the selected station(s) and Day. 


Click the Save button to save changes.

Message Broadcasting

When message broadcasting is active a horizontal scrolling message is displayed along the top of each selected station. The message displayed on each station can be overridden on its configuration panel.


Message to Broadcast

Enter a message to broadcast.


Broadcast Message

The broadcast message will be displayed as a single line of text that scrolls from right to left along the top of each selected station. The broadcast message can be overridden for each station. See the Station Configuration Panel for more information.


Station Assignment

To turn message broadcasting on, select one or more stations to broadcast the message.

Broadcast Speed

Select a speed for the horizontal scrolling text. Options include slow, moderate, or fast.


Devices are physical computers. Each device that connects to the Hall of Fame Online service using the Hall of Fame Online Application will be listed in the devices section on the settings page.



Device Id

Each device is automatically assigned a unique id.

Device Name

Enter a name to identify the device. The default name is the computer's name, as reported by its operating system.

Station Configuration

Select a station configuration to assign to the device. Each station configuration can be assigned to a single device.

Device Action Buttons

Save Changes
Saves changes made to the device name or station assignment.

Unlink Device
Unlinking a device will disconnect it from all station configurations and log the device out of the Hall of Fame Online service.

Delete Device
Deleting a device will remove it from the device list, disconnect it from all station configurations, and log the device out of the Hall of Fame Online service.

Restart Application
Click to restart the application. The application must be running in order to receive the restart request, which can take several seconds. Restarting will update the application to the latest version.

Application Version Information

View the application version information as of the last time the application was started.